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After finishing her major in the studies of Media Art at Keio University and for Mix Media Painting at Central Saint Martins, she began studying under Ransui Yakata for Suibokuga. Now a
General Councilor of ICCPS (International Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Ink Painting Artist Society), her
repertoire grew as she won numerous awards in Exhibition of International Calligraphy and Art, All-Japan
Suibokuga Art Exhibition, Kyoto All-Japan Suibokuga/Haiku-picture/Literati Painting-art Exhibition, and the
International Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition.

While using traditional techniques, many of her work depicts usage of novel composition & modern theme with unique colors.

Besides her painting activities, she works on her spiritual / healing projects.

慶応義塾大学環境情報学部でメディアアート、英国セントマーチンで Mix Media Painting を学んだ後、 書家・水墨画家矢形嵐酔に師事。 国際書画展、全日本水墨画秀作展、京都全日本水墨画・俳画・文人画秀作展、国際中国書画作品展にて 数々の賞を受賞。ICCPS 国際中国書法国画家協会評議員。 伝統的な技法を用いながら現代的なテーマとユニークな構図で描写する。